6 planets are coming in conjunction in one single sign. This isn’t a common phenomenon but nonetheless, they have occurred at times in the past. This time it’s Sun, Mercury, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn coming together in Capricorn, on Feb 12, 2021. For so many planets to be constituted in one sign, it is usually not considered auspicious as they do not indicate anything good, as only bad things come into the forefront because of this.

Many occasions in the past have seen something similar with respect to various signs. Some of the conjunction that occurred in the past were:-

In the sign Virgo (Oct 10,1950) and where Ketu, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun had conjunction. Some of the Events occurred are mentioned below:-

  • 25 January – Election Commission is established.
  • 26 January – Dr. Rajendra Prasad moves into Rashtrapati Bhavan as the first President of India.
  • 8 April – Liaquat–Nehru Pact signed by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in New Delhi
  • 31 July 1950 – Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed

On 5 Feb 1962, a solar eclipse was witnessed in the sun sign Leo where all the other planets (Sun, Mercury, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn) were in conjunction. The major events that took place in 1962, Some of the Events occurred are mentioned below:-

  • 3 April – Jawaharlal Nehru is elected de facto Prime Minister of India.
  • 6 May – India defeats the Philippines in the Eastern Zone final of 1962 Davis Cup at New Delhi
  • 28 July – A locust swarm threatens New Delhi.
  • 21 September – A border conflict between China and India erupts into fighting.

On 9 Sep 1979, all planets such as Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Venus were in conjunction.

Some of the Events occurred are mentioned below:-

  • 1 January – President of India makes official the decision to set up the Mandal Commission
  • 1 June – Vizianagaram district is formed in Andhra Pradesh.
  • 27 June – CISF conflict at Bokaro
  • 11 August – Morvi dam burst, the worst flood disaster in independent India.

On 14 Nov 1982, sun sign libra saw a conjunction of planets (Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Venus) Major events of the year 1982 are as Some of the Events occurred are mentioned below:- 

  • April – INSAT-1A launched; deactivated in September.
  • July – NABARD establishment

On 26 Dec 2019, there was a solar eclipse, wherein Saturn, Moon, Ketu, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury had been in conjunction. Some of the Events occurred are mentioned below:-

  • 2 January – Government approves merger of Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank with Bank of Baroda
  • 27 March – India becomes 4th nation to have Anti-satellite missile this year.[5]
  • 11 April – Voting for the 2019 Indian general election began
  • 23 July – ISRO launches India’s second mission to moon chandrayaan 2

In chapter 17, “Planetary Conjunctions” has a special mention in Brihat Samhita. According to the text, conjunctions are mainly of four types:-

  1. Bheda, here the conjunction occurs when the disc of one of the planets has been eclipsed by another planet.
  2. Ullekha, here the conjunction occurs when the disc of one planet rubs against the disc of another planet.
  3. Amsumardana, here the conjunction occurs when the light of planets are mixed with one another.
  4. Asavya, here the conjunction occurs when The planets are distinctly apart from each other.

Various results have been attributed relating to the above conjunctions. There will be a drought inland, friends and family will turn into enemies when the planets are in Bheda conjunction.

And when planets are in Ullekha conjunction, good food will be in abundance but there’s a possibility of war in the land wherein the princes will quarrel with their enemies.

Lastly, when planets are in A Sumardana conjunction, kings will involve in different wars, whereas mankind will suffer from weapons, hunger, diseases, etc. rulers will be in conflict with each other if the conjunction is that of the Asavya (Apasavya Planet )

According to the new Moon chart, as stated above, the conjunction of Feb 2021 has occurred in the sun sign Capricorn. The degrees of various planets are given below,

Sun at 29.07 degrees

Moon at 29.07 degrees

Mercury at 22.07 degrees

Venus at 18.38 degrees

Jupiter at 18.28 degrees

Saturn at 12.23 degrees

Planets seem to be at war within the 1-degree orb, in astrology. ASAVYA conjunction refers to those planets which are beyond the 1-degree orb. Also, the sun is known as Akranda planet, when it is in the mid-heaven that is the 10th house. Similarly, when it’s either in the east or west, it is known as the Paura and Yayin planets respectively.

Paura planets are mainly – Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The Moon is said to be known as Akranda Planet.

Rest other planets like Ketu, Mars, Rahu, and Venus fall under the category of Yayin planets.

In conjunction, sufferings will be caused to the objects represented by the planet that defeats. But there’s a chance that objects may prosper if planets manage to conquer.

If Paura planets defeat one another in conjunction, citizens and rulers will have to suffer. Also, if Yayin planets defeat one another in conjunction or an Akranda planet defeats each other, misery will be suffered by the object ps that have been represented by the defeated planet. This remains true in case of either a Paura or a Yayin planet defeat in conjunction or vice versa.

On Feb 12, 2021, Jupiter and Venus were within the 1-degree orb. In comparison with Venus, Jupiter is lesser in degree. Conjunction between the two happens only once a year making it a rare phenomenon considering too many planets are in conjunction.

An ancient Indian Kingdom called the Kingdom of Kosala also known as कोसल राज्य in Sanskrit was corresponding with the region of Awadh ( presently in Uttar Pradesh ), Kalinga ( a historical region in India) which is generally defined as the eastern coastal region between the two rivers i.e Mahanadi and Godavari. However, its boundary has fluctuated with the rulers of its territory. Now the main territory of Kalinga encompasses a huge part of Odisha and the northern part of Andhra Pradesh.

The Kalinga region also includes a part of present-day Chhattisgarh as its widest extent.

Vanga was an ancient Kingdom, geopolitical division of the Ganges delta in the Indian subcontinent. Its one of the namesakes of the Bengal region, located in southern Bengal with the main region included present-day Southern West Bengal (India) and southwestern Bangladesh. Prominently, vanga resides in the epics and tales of ancient India as well as in the history of Sri Lanka.

Anguttara Nikaya mentions Vasta also called Vasma ( Pali & Ardhamagadhi) Vaccha, literally meaning “calf” as one of the 16 Mahajanapadas ( Great Kingdoms) of Uttarakatha in ancient India.

Vasta or Vasma was in correspondence with the territory of Odeon Allahabad in UP, at the confluence of river Ganga and Yamuna.

Matsya Kingdom 300-700 BC was one of the Solasa 16th great Kingdom (Mahajanapadas) that was described in Hindu epic Mahabharata and also in the Buddhist text Anguttara Nikaya during the Vedic era.

Viratnagar located in the northern part of Jaipur was the capital of Rajasthan. It had kuru to its North & Surasena Mahajanapadas to its east.

Madhyadesh ( Middle Country ) was one of the 5 subdivisions of ancient India that extended from Ganga and Yamuna to their confluences at the Prayag.

A cogent entity was constituted by the territory of the middle region, geographically and culturally at the same time.

In ancient Aryavarta, inside (Brahmanical northern India) this region has been instrumental in guiding the main events of history and the spread of civilization from a very early age.

Surasena ( Kingdom of Surasena or सुरसेन: Sanskrit ) is an ancient Indian region corresponding to the present day Braj Region in UP with Mathura being its capital city while the eunuchs suffer great miseries.

According to Brihat Samhita and the conjunction of Asavya (Apsavya), there will be a war between rulers.

According to the conjunction of planets as of Feb 12, 2021, the following events are likely to be possible :

  1. Different parts of India like Kosala, Kalinga are said to suffer.
  2.  There are possibilities of an earthquake as well in some parts of India
  3. Eminent men and travellers are likely to perish. The Brahmanas (Hindus) and the Kshatriyas (non-Hindus) are going to be at war with one another. Also, there won’t be any rain.
  4. Tensions will prevail between China and Pakistan at their peak.
  5. It is predictable that some problems will occur for a person from a political party.
  6. Disturbances like communal and religious will seem to rise.
  7. The stock exchange can witness new losses.
  8. Accidents may take place in the communications sector.
  9. Some known personalities from the entertainment industry will be facing issues regarding health.

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