Aries (March 21- April 20)

You’ve spent the summer getting to know your neighbourhood, and when Saturn moves forward in your social sector on Saturday, you’ll be ready to put what you’ve learned into practice. It’s a terrific time to get involved with the community and volunteer. When the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, entering your zone of transition, a period of changes follows. There will be some intensity over the course of the following four weeks when you experience an emotional development spurt. Aries, be bold and welcome these developments wholeheartedly.To get to the light, you have to navigate the darkness. On Sunday, Venus enters your zone of metamorphosis as well, enhancing your intimacy with those you love. Even though you’re a touch more lusty than normal, you’re more concerned with forging alliances and improving connections. Don’t be reluctant to advance things farther.


Taurus (April 21- May 21)


Over the past few months, you’ve gained a lot of knowledge about your ambitions, and as Saturn advances in your professional zone on Saturday, you’re prepared to take action. Work on your image and the goals you have in mind, Taurus. Even if your path differs from others’, roll up your sleeves and go to work. You don’t have to do it alone, though. In fact, when the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, you could desire to start a partnership.The sun is in your partnership zone, which encourages you to work together romantically or professionally to achieve your goals. On Sunday, Venus also moves into your partnership zone, making it a highly romantic day. The time is right to celebrate love in all of its manifestations and go on some frightening dates. You might locate your soul mate.


Gemini (May 22- June 21)


Over the summer, you received some “hands-on” instruction, Gemini. However, when Saturn moves ahead in your expansion zone on Saturday, it will be time to put that education to use with some serious effort. Think back on your summertime experiences and consider the lessons they taught you and how they affected the way you viewed the world. When the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, moving into your habit zone, you’ll be starting an extremely productive phase. You want to get better, and there will be many chances for you to achieve that. Avoid having tunnel vision, though.You could develop a perfectionism due to it. When Venus enters your habit zone on Sunday, keep in mind that you need people in your life to keep you grounded. This is a fantastic opportunity to find a jogging partner who will also assist you understand what you can and cannot control.


Cancer (June 22- July 23)


As Saturn moves forward in your transformation zone on Saturday, significant changes are coming to your life this week. But in order to make these adjustments, you’ll have to let go of the things you’ve been holding onto all summer. Being independent can cause challenging growth pains but also gratifying rewards, Cancer. But as the sun moves into your enjoyment zone on Sunday and enters Scorpio, don’t forget to have a little fun. It’s a fantastic time to engage in your favourite autumnal pastimes, such as pumpkin-painting and cosily watching Halloween movies.Enjoy a cup of pumpkin spice tea! When Venus enters your pleasure zone on Sunday, you might be participating in those fall activities with a sweetheart. This is the ideal moment to start dating someone new or to rekindle your relationship with an old flame.


Leo (July 24- August 23) 

With Saturn becoming direct in your partnership zone on Saturday, your summer romance is starting to take a more serious turn this week. Now is the moment to begin setting clear boundaries in your relationship between “us” and “me.” You might be able to advance things if you can accomplish it. Once the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday and moves into your home zone, you’ll spend the next four weeks sticking close to where you are now. Over the next month, maintain your privacy (we know it’s difficult, but try it anyway) as you take care of yourself and establish mental stability during this spooky season. When Venus enters your home zone on Sunday, urging you to decorate for the season, use this energy to make your house especially frightening.Invite your family over to see your creations at this time. Just don’t go too far with that, Leo.


Virgo (August 24- September 23)

Once Saturn moves ahead in your health zone on Saturday, it’s time to get back to work after a carefree summer. The time is now for self-care, especially when it comes to your health. Don’t push your health to the edge; make those doctor visits right now. Rely on us. As the sun moves into the communication sector of Scorpio on Sunday, your sharp mind is operating at peak speed. You’re ready to engage in in-depth discussions, keep a journal, or even travel to see friends—anything that can result in a profound intellectual development. When Venus enters your communication zone on Sunday, it’s also an excellent time to hold in-depth conversations with loved ones, particularly if you need to settle any serious matters.Make smart selections, Virgo, because you might have to decide between your mind and your heart when making significant choices, unless you can persuade both to cooperate.


Libra (September 24- October 23)

When Saturn comes ahead in your enjoyment zone on Saturday, it will be time to become serious after a carefree summer of creative energy. This is the perfect time to concentrate on completing any work and to begin developing your abilities. Any romantic relationships that don’t seem to have a future might need to be ended. especially when the sun moves into your rich zone on Sunday and you begin to pay greater attention to money. Even though you’re eager to spend your birthday money, keep in mind that paying off debts is a good way to spend your money. Even yet, when Venus enters your value zone on Sunday, you’ll have a serious hankering for luxury. You desire nice things and desire to share this pleasure with another person.Remember to keep it cool while you look to settle down with someone special, Libra. Possessiveness toward a lover is not desirable.

 Scorpio (October 24- November 22)

When Saturn advances in your home zone on Saturday, it’s time to organise your residence. If you’re wanting to settle down, whether you’re house searching or establishing boundaries with your family, now is a wonderful time to get your affairs in order. Begin laying a solid foundation for yourself right now, Scorpio. especially because your season starts on Sunday when the sun enters your sign. Now is a fantastic time to be courageous and audacious as you pursue your objectives with fresh assurance.Over the next four weeks, you’ll be in the spotlight; make the most of it. When Venus enters your sign on Sunday, be sure to best display your dark side to others. You’ll be prepared for Halloween and can entice people into your bed with your seductive appearance. If you’re single now, you might not be by next month with all the exciting dates you’ll be going on this fall.


Sagittarius (November 23- December 22)

It’s time to “grow up” this week, Sagittarius, as Saturn will move ahead in your communication zone on Saturday, forcing you to employ more reason than feeling at this time. Now is the moment to concentrate and advance your knowledge. This is a fantastic opportunity to attend lessons or read. Don’t try harder; try smarter. As the days grow shorter and the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, you’ll start to slow down and enter your subconscious. You must engage in intense reflection at this time as you consider the ghosts and goblins that trouble you.Spend some time by yourself organising your deepest ideas. Sunday, when Venus enters your personal space, is not a good day for love. You might experience more moodiness than lust. Your optimism may be dampened by some overcast days as you feel the desire to withdraw.


Capricorn (December 23- January 20)

After a wild summer, Saturn will move ahead in your value zone on Saturday, signalling the need to become more responsible with your expenditures. Organise your resources and create a rigid budget that will last the rest of the year. You’ll eventually thank yourself if you start making good investments today. Fortunately, when the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, coming into your social zone, you could have a significant windfall that aids you financially. This is an excellent opportunity to reflect about your goals, aspirations, and ideal future scenario. Get your social network working for you first. Venus will enter your social sector on Sunday, making it a fantastic day for friendship.Over the next four weeks you’ll be forging some deep and fulfilling relationships that can improve your life in multiple ways. Just don’t go posting about your life on social media


Aquarius (January 21- February 19)

When Saturn advances into your sign on Saturday, delivering you a dose of self-awareness, you’re returning to reality this week. Setting limits in your personal and professional life is a terrific idea right now, especially with new acquaintances. As long as you don’t injure other people, Aquarius, it’s acceptable to behave in your own self-interest. Particularly considering how ambitious you’ll be on Sunday when the sun enters Scorpio, entering your professional zone. Focus on overcoming any obstacles that arise throughout the following four weeks. But exercise caution. Your emphasis on your accomplishments could give you the impression that you are cutthroat. Venus will enter your career zone on Sunday, so use some networking to advance.You might enlarge your inner circle and make the most of your pals to advance. Make use of your contacts without hesitation. One day you’ll repay the favour.

Pisces (February 20- March 20)


When Saturn advances in your subconscious area on Saturday, karma comes full circle. You’ll be rewarded with profound insight if you’ve spent the retrograde time taking care of yourself. Pisces, if you haven’t done any of it, it could be difficult to strike a balance between reality and dream. When the sun enters Scorpio on Sunday, moving into your expansion zone, you’ll also be feeling a little enigmatic, which makes it a great time to disappear off the radar and do some exploring.As you embark on new journeys and engage in serious conversations with those who have the power to genuinely alter your reality, trust your gut. When Venus moves into your growth zone on Sunday, it will make you even more intrepid and inspire you to experience the wonders of the globe. Make friends with the people you encounter and adopt a different perspective on life.

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