Astrology as the Ultimate Ontological Framework


The branch of metaphysics known as ontology studies the essence of things. It is concerned with the study of the universe’s entities and what exists. Astrology attempts to explain our current state of being. It connects our existence in this body to our existence in the context of the planets and the earth.

Self Knowledge

When a person goes deeper inside, he or she transcends the physical realm and enters the realm of the metaphysical. Some people look to spirituality for answers. Some people identify as souls. Others feel religion to be an adequate answer. However, these responses apply to the entire human race. Getting to the bottom of the questions of why we exist and why we are the way we are remains a challenge. We wonder why similar people in similar situations have such disparate outcomes and lead such disparate lives.

Astrology is so appealing as a way by which we can look inward. Introspection and spiritual growth and development are a harder way to attempt to know oneself. Astrology gives us a set of rules by which we can be read. In this lies its appeal as an ontological framework.

How Does Astrology Work As An Ontological Aid

Astrology is founded on the idea that the time of our birth determines who we are on the inside. Our horoscope is based on a photograph of the sky taken at the moment of birth, as well as the location at the time of birth. Some astrological schools don’t have an explanation for why twins born close together can have such distinct lifestyles. However, twins can be distinguished by their harmonic charts, according to Vedic astrologers and certain Western astrologers who employ them.

Astrology can tell us why we were born and what the person’s life emphasis was at the time of their birth. For those who believe in reincarnation, the birth chart can also reveal which aspects of life will present the most challenging karmic obstacles. Our horoscopes also reveal a great deal about the karma we’ve taken with us into this life.

The birth chart can be used to learn about a variety of aspects of a person’s life. When a person believes in a birth chart and an astrologer, ontological questions become less metaphorical and more concrete. The chart’s mathematical and rule-based interpretation provides conclusive solutions to our metaphysical questions.

Astrology connects us to time by explaining and even foretelling occurrences in our lives. When we combine that with karma and numerous lifetimes over time and space, we have the link between the invisible and the visible world. It provides us the assurance of knowing that what we can’t see can still be comprehended and investigated via astrology.

The Proper Use Of Astrology

When we utilise astrology for frivolous purposes and trivial questions, we do a great disservice to it and to ourselves. We must instead use it to hold a mirror up to ourselves. We can see who we are and how we need to improve in order to grow more clearly. We can use it to shed light on aspects of ourselves that would otherwise go unnoticed and unnoticed. And, if we are able to accept who we are and why we are, we will be more aware of the truth that no one is an island. We are all intertwined with one another and with the universe. Only metaphysics allows us to see and measure these relationships. As a result, astrology is the supreme ontological framework.

The Physical Body vs The Self Identity

Each of us is being encased in a physical body. We consider our flesh and skin to be our self-containment border. When we construct physical places for ourselves with walls and gates, we also build additional boundaries and containers.Our biggest quest for the most elusive solution, though, is to understand ourselves. We want to know about the parts of ourselves that physics, chemistry, and biology can’t explain. We instinctively understand that we are more than our cells, bones, and flesh. However, we define ourselves based on our appearance, despite the fact that most of us are aware that there is more to us than meets the eye.

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