traditional vs modern astrology

How is conventional astrology extraordinary in the present day?

Traditional astrology is more external, situational, and event-targeted, while present-day astrology is more mental and character-primarily based. In modern astrology, the chart is an intellectual map; in traditional astrology, it is your thoughts, surroundings, and what happens to you.

Most present-day astrology subscribes to an open-ended, indeterminate free will—in other words, your natal chart might also display certain tendencies, but they will all be changed, negated, or “transcendent” with difficult work and, in most cases, wonderful thinking.

Traditional astrology is primarily based on a much more deterministic or fate-primarily based worldview. In classical astrology, the aim is to apprehend or divine (divination, coming across the divine intent) your area within the broader order, in place of trying to “transcend” your chart. I want to consider it aligning with the universe’s order and your area inside it. In this regard, it resembles divination techniques together with the I Ching.

In present-day astrology, the planets are no longer taken into consideration as wonderful or negative, happily or alas, in present day astrology. It has a tendency to look at all charts as similarly lucky, with all and sundry having the same possibility of accomplishing something within the traditional sense.

Traditional astrology places a sturdy emphasis on assessing the repute of planets, which may be both lucky and terrible. Furthermore, a few planets are certainly useful or useful, even as others are certainly dangerous or malefic. In conventional astrology, no longer are all charts created alike, and no longer are all planets similarly efficient; a few human beings are destined for fulfilment, awesome marriages, or fortune, even as others are destined to have tough lives in numerous ways.

As a result, traditional astrology is tons more involved with an actual evaluation of a chart and the way it impacts your existence than with a mental description of the way super and non-secular you’re on the inside. Traditional astrology now no longer glosses over or brushes aside difficult or detrimental functions of the chart.

Some technical differences

The present-day Twelve Letter Alphabet, wherein signal equals residence equals planet, isn’t always utilized in conventional astrology. A planet within the 10th house has little to do with Capricorn, and a planet in Taurus has little to do with money, in accordance with standard astrology.

There isn’t any mental improvement technique travelling across the wheel, and the dwellings are unbiased of the symptoms and symptoms. It certainly takes a second to bear in mind that children (5th) come earlier than marriage (7th), and loss of life (8th) comes earlier than a profession withinside the residence sequence (10th). Also, a number of the homes are negative; the 8th residence represents loss of life in place of transformation, and the 6th residence represents infection in place of health.

Traditional astrology makes use of symptoms and symptoms extra as contexts inside which the numerous planets can act, every so often effectively, every so often ineffectively, in place of as important character types. The maximum great records approximately a signal is in which the ruler is positioned and what form it takes, in addition to what planets are in that signal and what form they take.

Traditional astrology locations a sturdy emphasis on sect whilst figuring out the planets’ universal energy and weakness. Depending on whether or not the solar is above or under the horizon, charts are both diurnal or nocturnal. The numerous planets also are diurnal or nocturnal, and their best of operation is essentially decided via way of means of whether or not they agree or disagree with the chart’s sect.

Whole signal homes, which date again to the Hellenistic generation and had been used for over a millennium, are used withinside the form of conventional astrology that I practice. In entire signal homes, the Ascendant’s signal is the primary residence, and the subsequent signal’s signal is the second, so the signal and residence limitations are the same.

Aspects of the signal as a entire, which includes perceiving and aversion. A planet in Cancer is skilled via way of means of a planet in Pisces, no matter how close to they may be via way of means of a diploma in conventional astrology. (Aspects primarily based totally on tiers also are utilized in conventional astrology, even though for extraordinary purposes.)

Only the Ptolemaic components – sextile, square, trine, and opposition – are utilized in conventional astrology. (Conjunctions also are used, however they may be now no longer taken into consideration components.) A planet this is close to some other can see that planet. Any planets that don’t have such a components are stated to be aversion, this means that they can’t see every different and are unaware of every different.

The solar isn’t even mentioned. The Lord of the Ascendant gets a ways extra interest than the solar.

Traditional astrology is normally used to reply unique inquiries regarding sure components of one’s existence. Character evaluation offers an overarching framework in present day astrology; a query offers that framework in conventional astrology.

Traditional rulerships are the only rulerships utilized in conventional astrology. Mars dominates Scorpio, Jupiter policies Pisces, and Saturn policies Aquarius, whether or not you rent the outer planets or now no longer. Also, rulership in conventional astrology does now no longer mean affinity; it simply means that the planet is in rate of that signal’s affairs. So, in case your 7th residence is Taurus, the character and best of your relationships might be substantially decided via way of means of the vicinity and kingdom of Venus.

The 3 present day planets are utilized by sure conventional astrologers, while they may be now no longer utilized by others. Those who do, in general, do now no longer area almost as tons emphasis on them as many moderns do. They are visible as some thing among planets and stuck stars, as Ben Dykes positioned it, and are simplest targeted on whilst close to some other planet.

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