These astrological tips might help you make your love life better & stronger.

When the love is pouring you know it’s Valentine’s week, lovers eagerly wait for this day i.e 14th of February. It’s that time of the year when single people mingle while others already in a relationship make plans to celebrate and make it memorable. But for those who have been having a rough patch in their relationship, can now take a look at these astrological remedies.
This will help you to take your relationship one step ahead. Let’s have a look –

1. Apply Tilak
According to Astro, one should apply the tilak of Gorachan every day, this will bring happiness by dissolving all the negativity, instability in your love life.

2. Chant Mantras
During Valentine’s week, it is advised that women should chant mantras of guru and men of Venus. By doing so, blessings will be showered on your love life, making it smooth and Everlasting. A positive environment will form around you, will make things clearer to you.

A rift in your relationship can be mended by working with the Lord, Radha-Krishna in this week. Installing his idol in the house, and worshipping regularly will do wonders for your love life.

Worship Goddess Katyani to make situations favorable for your love life. Religious beliefs suggest, worshipping Goddess Katyani has a special significant effect on strengthening love marriage/life. Goddess Rukmani worshipped mother Katyani to receive Lord Krishna as her husband. Also, Durga Saptashati’s ” wives Manorama Delhi manhattan Sardinian” Tariniandutgasanagar Sagatsya Kulodbhavam” this mantra if you change regularly will bring you a worthy and happy life partner.

5. Wear Gemstone
According to Astrology, you can wear opal gemstone to heal your love life & make your future beautiful. This gem helps to make your love feel & meaningful also brings the Unites your entire family’s support.

Some more tips-

  • Tilak of Turmeric mixed with Kesar & Chandan will help you strengthen your planet guru.
  • Distribute white-colored sweets or chocolates to children.
  • To seek blessings for your love life, feed cows with wheat flour & sugar.
  • Worship Banana tree & offer yellow sweets on Thursday.
  • Females and males can chant the guru mantra & Shukra mantra respectively to make their relationship more strong.
  • Keep a photo of you and your partner in a pink colored envelope and place it in a southwestern direction.
  • Keep fresh flowers in your bedroom along with a couple of pictures in the southwest direction, and see magic.

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