World-Famous Leaders with their Zodiac Signs

People born under the same Zodiac sign have some, so it’s not uncommon for world-famous people to share a few Zodiac signs. This article will attempt to determine what these star signs are, as well as explore some current and historical leaders and the star signs they bear.

The first section of the article, which is divided into two parts, will list some of the people who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their chosen sector. The second section of the article will look at it from the perspective of the Sun Signs.

From the individual leader’s point of view

The following list enumerates the different leaders and the similarities that they possessed with the characteristics of their sun signs:

Napoleon Bonaparte (Leo)

He was a Leo who was born on August 15, 1769, and he was the one who made his enemies fear him. Leos are represented by lions for a reason; they are the zodiac sign with the most royal leaders. Extroverted Leos are quick to attract others’ attention.

Because Leos are controlled by the Sun, they naturally expect others to revolve around them. They are fiercely ambitious and courageous, qualities that helped Napoleon realize his aim of conquering all of Europe at the time.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Capricorn)

Martin Luther King, Jr., one of America’s and probably the world’s most famous citizens, characterized the civil rights movement for generations to come. MLK was born on January 15th, which made him a Capricorn.

MLK was a staunch supporter of black people until his assassination. As a Capricorn, he was careful, calm, and disciplined. His dedication to the subject aided America in reducing, if not eliminating, racial abuse. He was a great leader who received the Nobel Peace Prize before being killed.

George Washington (Pisces)

Another important historical figure, George Washington, was instrumental in the victory of the American Revolution. General George was born on February 22nd, 1732, and possessed great military strategy and leadership qualities.

George Washington, like the real Piscean, was idealistic and altruistic. He could have been the king himself, but he opted to step aside after two terms as President, establishing the norm of Presidents stepping down after two terms.

Joseph Stalin (Sagittarius)

Joseph Stalin was born on December 18, 1878, in the sign of Sagittarius, and is credited with conquering Berlin and finally defeating the Nazis. Sagittarius is noted for being philosophical, even to the point of losing touch with reality. That would explain why Stalin was a firm communist believer who argued that it was the only way out.

Sagittarians are often perceived as having contradictory features, such as being obsessive yet not religious, serious but lacking tact, to name a few. This nicely sums up Stalin’s actions and strategies during the conflict.

From the Sun Sign’s point of view

Because different sun signs have varied characteristics, it’s only natural that the following list enumerates the various renowned leaders that each sun sign has had in the past.


Scorpio is the most powerful sign, possessing the presidents of 22 different countries. Scorpios are known for their determination, but they are also secretive and stubborn. The following are some of the notable countries on Scorpio’s list:

Australia || Oman || Iran || Nicaragua || Vietnam || Bolivia || Croatia || Honduras || North Korea || Lithuania || Grenada || Mozambique ||


Leos are a close second, and they are one of the most powerful and faithful zodiac signs. Before Donald Trump, President Barack Obama was a Leo. Leos are known for being patronizing, but they are also energetic and warm-hearted. Currently residing in 18 nations, Leo’s list includes the following notable countries:

Algeria || Colombia || Tanzania || Seychelles || Palestine || Nepal || Mali || United States || France || Greece || Portugal || New Zealand ||


The typical Sagittarius is idealistic in temperament, valuing freedom and philosophy. Winston Churchill was one of the most prominent Sagittarians. Stalin, as previously said, shared the same solar sign as Hitler, intensifying the rivalry between the two. Sagittarius, like Leo, is represented by 18 countries; prominent countries in Sagittarius’ list include:

Brazil || Denmark || Belgium || Poland || Bahrain || Ghana || Jamaica || Nigeria || Haiti || Panama || Vanuatu || Venezuela || Moldova ||

The majority of countries are represented by these three sun signs, with the remainder distributed among the remaining nine sun signs.

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